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It’s Been Awhile

I’ve been so tired lately I just haven’t had the energy to write. When I get home from work I don’t even really want to look at my computer, though that’s when I have to tally up what I’ve eaten for the day. Lately I’ve been too low on my calories throughout the day, and I’m just not all that hungry, but I know I should eat more; just not for my dinner meal. I also have to tally up my exercise for the day, and then fit some extra in to meet my goals. I am feeling pretty good lately though; the only thing is everytime I get a cough or a pain in my hip I freak out a little on the inside about the lymphoma coming back. Continue reading It’s Been Awhile

Back to Work

I’ve started back to working in the office this week. I was in on Monday and I’m going in again tomorrow. I’m really surprised at how tired it made me. I don’t know whether it was talking to everyone or just the traveling or sitting upright all day or what really. I was proud of myself that I actually got up early enough to fit in a workout though. I’d like to keep working out before work as I think it revs up my brain as well as jump starts my body. I was also able to pack my lunch and take it in so I wasn’t eating crap for lunch, which also made me feel good.

I hope I don’t get as tired tomorrow. I’m not crazy about being so wiped out. I really needed a nap at about 3:00PM or so, and I came home and fell asleep on the couch (that could have been because I had an extra unplanned walk in order to get home though too. The bus run was slightly different than it had been before, and I ended up having to walk about a half hour from the bus stop to home… a REALLY hilly half hour at that :). Still, it felt great that I could do it.

Down by 22.5

Since I started elevating my exercise levels and watching what I’m eating, I’ve lost 22.5 pounds. It really hasn’t even been all that hard as of yet. I’m really enjoying my walks and work outs. I’m feeling stronger than I have in years, and walking down hills doesn’t scare me anymore. I’m so thrilled with how I’m doing so far. Today I made some really delicious chicken soup that’s nice and low in fat (I made sure to chill the broth so I could remove the fat after cooking the chicken and before I started making the soup. Continue reading Down by 22.5


I haven’t been writing much lately because I’m a bit down. I don’t really know why; I think maybe it has something to do with this weird feeling I get now when I’m just using the computer. I feel like I should be doing something else. I think I have a tendency to be a bit compulsive sometimes, or just really type A I guess. If I have an interest in doing something I want to do it perfectly, and now that I’m focused on getting fitter I feel a weird compulsion to be constantly moving, and I feel guilty when I’m not. I wish I wasn’t quite like this. It’s frustrating and sometimes a little depressing because I know no one can really be perfect at anything. Continue reading Down

Quinoa Is Tasty

I gave quinoa a try in a salad this past Friday and it’s delicious. It’s easy to cook too. Very similar to rice or couscous in terms of how you make it. It has a kind of fresh but nutty flavor and a texture similar to couscous, but with slightly more bite to it. I mixed some lemon juice, tomato, mint and parsley through it and served it with grilled lamb, but it would go well with chicken too. Anyway, it’s nice to have a new grain to have with meals. Continue reading Quinoa Is Tasty

Back to Losing

I lost 2 kilos this week, what a relief :). I also noticed when taking my measurements today that I’ve lost nearly six inches from around my waist and four off my hips since August 25. I’m really pleased with that; no wonder my blood pressure has gone down. I’m trying right now to work up menus of foods that will be easy for me to prepare and take to work with me, and I found a really nice one the other day which was a cucumber salad with salmon or ocean or ocean trout mixed through and a dill vinaigrette. Continue reading Back to Losing

One journey ends, another begins

I’m in a state today. As I get more and more mobile, I can’t help but think of how immobile I’ve been over the last five to eight years or so. I’ve really been enjoying my neighborhood walks; seeing how people keep their yards; what fancy little touches they add to their homes; what kind of animals they have; what kind of yard furniture they have; what they’ve planted and whether the plants are doing well. All sorts of little things I haven’t been able to enjoy in so long and which simultaneously heralds the end of my journey with cancer, and the beginning of my journey to lose weight. Continue reading One journey ends, another begins


Phew, this has been one busy week. I had a little minor surgery on Tuesday, primarily to remove my port-a-cath, and the anesthetic they gave me wiped me out for most of Tuesday and Wednesday too. I tried to take a bit of a walk on Wednesday and Bernie had to come pick me up because I was so weak and dizzy, not to mention nauseated. I thought I’d had the same anesthetic for my port insertion & for my apheresis catheter insertion, but I didn’t react like for either of those procedures. Maybe they upped my dose or something, I have no idea, but I was wrecked. Continue reading Swamped

CT Results Back

Yippee! My CT scan is in, and there’s no evidence of my tumor or any lymphatic involvement, so he’s ok’d the removal of my port-a-cath. I’m so glad I’ll be rid of it soon :). He did say he wants me to lose weight, and I told him I am, but he said if I don’t show significant loss in three months he wants me to consider lap band surgery. I’m not too hip that though. I feel that I’m doing well with exercise and watching what I eat, so I hope it won’t come to my needing the surgery. I’ll have to pour some more time into exercise to make sure it doesn’t because I don’t want my tummy stapled up.