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Tired and Chilly

It’s been really chilly here in the evenings lately; that’s not doing much for me, considering all I want to do lately is curl up and sleep anyway. I hadn’t read anything about rituximab causing tiredness, but since my treatment I’ve been more and more tired. I’ve also had a nice rash on my shoulder, which must be related to the rituximab. It’s starting to clear itself up today, but it was really itchy. Very similar to a rash I had on my legs a month or so ago.

I swear some days I could sleep until noon, have a warm bath and sleep some more. I don’t know what’s going on with that. Maybe when you’re healing you need insane amounts of rest or something. If I’m not a little more energetic by the time I go into the hospital for mobilization, I’m going to ask the doctor about it, just to make sure it’s not some weird complication or something. My port site is finally healing up from the adhesives peeling the skin off around it. I’m really looking forward to the removal of the port; I guess in my mind its removal represents the true end of my journey with cancer. It was really invaluable to me during treatment, but I’ve never really liked it. At first, I was constantly aware of it there under my skin, snaking up and over my collar bone, I’ve grown less constantly aware of it, but I still feel it there, and sometimes when I touch the base of my throat (which I had no idea I did as often as I do), I feel the tubing there. It feels very prominent, and I can trace the tubing down my chest to the port. I don’t like feeling it too much though, it kind of freaks me out if I think about it too much.

Well tiredness personified is going to cocoon in a wooly duvet and take a deep sleep… maybe my bear genes are just surfacing, and I just need to go into hibernation.

That Run Down Feeling

Today and yesterday I’ve been feeling really run down and tired. Part of it I know is the constant pain in my hip and back, and part of it must be my low red blood cell count. I just wonder when this part of the healing will be done. I went out yesterday for about an hour and a half, and when I got home I couldn’t pry myself off the sofa, and I had to take a nap before dinner.

I have been working prety much full time from home, and maybe that has some effect, but work doesn’t feel that hard most of the time so I don’t know whether that’s a factor or not; plus, working from home, if I need a nap I can take one and come back to things. I am surprised by exactly how much nap time I require. Currently I’m up to at least 1 – 2 hours a day. I really feel terrible if I don’t get some nap time too. I can’t wait till this is over either. I was never much of a napper in the past, naps used to make me cranky because I’d wake up feeling tired, at least now I just feel refreshed after one of my naps.

Anyhow I haven’t done much, though I did try the chicken wing strock I made the other day and it was really flavorsome. I still don’t know what I’m going to do with it though. Anyway, I think I’m in need of a nap right now.