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Break Out the Bubbles

Whoo hoo break out the champagne and put on your dancing shoes, my cancer treatment is DONE! I finished up day two of my stem cell harvest today and it went even more smoothly than yesterday. Yesterdays harvest was excellent; the nurse said she’s never seen a CD34 level above 10, so instead of having to come in tomorrow and go through a third day of harvest I only had to sit for an extra hour today. The machine didn’t even have all that much trouble with the extractions today. I didn’t really need to hold my head in any particular way or anything today, the machine just worked. Continue reading Break Out the Bubbles

Apheresis: Stem Cell Harvest Day 1

I had my first stem cell harvest today. I’ve officially been receiving neupogen/neulasta shots for 8 days now. Last night was the most scary night I’ve had. No one told me that the shots might cause my heart to race; also, while they mentioned bone pain they didn’t mention that sometimes when you go from sitting or laying down to standing, the neupogen will make it feel like all the blood in your body is racing to your chest in a painful series of throbbing gushes that are just really scary. Continue reading Apheresis: Stem Cell Harvest Day 1