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Exhaustion and Eisenhower

I started going back into the office to work last week, and well I guess I’d never really thought much about exhaustion before, but I think I’m encountering it. I am so tired my head keeps falling over, but I have stuff I want to get done. The sad thing is I only went to work two days last week and one, so far, this week. Part of my problem is that I have been encountering some terrible insomnia lately; it seems I’m super tired until my head hits my pillow, then I’m wide awake. Continue reading Exhaustion and Eisenhower


I haven’t been writing much lately because I’m a bit down. I don’t really know why; I think maybe it has something to do with this weird feeling I get now when I’m just using the computer. I feel like I should be doing something else. I think I have a tendency to be a bit compulsive sometimes, or just really type A I guess. If I have an interest in doing something I want to do it perfectly, and now that I’m focused on getting fitter I feel a weird compulsion to be constantly moving, and I feel guilty when I’m not. I wish I wasn’t quite like this. It’s frustrating and sometimes a little depressing because I know no one can really be perfect at anything. Continue reading Down

Bailout / Socialism for the Uber Rich

The public, faced with what they see, rightly or wrongly, as a giveaway “bailout” to big corporations that made profoundly stupid decisions, is irate. So what do you suppose would be the single worst thing you could do, at this point? I mean, the very, very worst — something that screamed “we’re going to fleece you all for every penny, and if you object we’ll drive the economy into the ground around you”? Continue reading Bailout / Socialism for the Uber Rich

Sarah Palin Superwoman?

Since Sarah Palin’s nomination was announced I’ve had SERIOUS doubts as to whether she actually gave birth to her son Trig, or if instead, he is actually her daughter Bristol’s child. Below is some information I was able to gather.

Sarah Palin announced her pregnancy on March 6th, claiming she was 7-months pregnant. Her aides and co-workers were shocked as she certainly didn’t appear pregnant. On April 18th, newspaper reports said Trig Palin was born a month premature yet weighed over 6 pounds. Coincidentally, it was during this time that Palin’s daughter Bristol, 17, was taken out of high school for 5-8 months citing mononucleosis. Continue reading Sarah Palin Superwoman?

Voting Abroad

Even though I live in Australia, I’m still an American citizen, and I never plan to renounce my citizenship, and I will continue voting in every election via absentee ballot. I guess anyone who knows me also knows I’m pretty much a rabid Democrat. I have to say though I’m pretty down over the loss of Hillary Clinton as a Presidential candidate. I’m not a Barack Obama supporter because I don’t agree with the policies he’s set out for dealing with America’s future, and I’m not a McCain supporter because I disagree with nearly everything he stands for. Continue reading Voting Abroad