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Neupogen/Neulasta and Bone Pain

Wow I thought I’d had bone pain before, but today has left me completely in awe of just what bone pain can be. The point of my daily double shots of neupogen/neulasta is to get my bone marrow to produce so many new stem cells that they burst from my bones into my blood stream. Apparently that takes somewhere between 5 and 7 days after you begin the shots, and mine has started, and it does feel a lot like my bones are bursting. Continue reading Neupogen/Neulasta and Bone Pain

Things Are Looking Up

I was beginning to think I would never get over this last round of chemo, but thank goodness it seems I’m finally moving out of the woods. This has been my worst ever for sure. Maybe I got food poisoning or had some sort of gastro-intestinal something on top of the chemo; I don’t know, but I’ve just been really unwell. Too unwell to really fully appreciate that, that was my last full dose of chemo :). It’s just washing over me today, tonight really as today was pretty rough too. I had a nap around 5:30pm though, and waking up from that and having a cup of soup has made me feel the best I’ve felt in days. I am tired again though, and it’s only 10:30.

I wonder how long it will be until I stop feeling so tired. Probably after the mobilization I’ll have a bit of tiredness, that and the requisite bone pain from the neupogen shots. I don’t know how similar it will be to the neulasta shots I’ve been receiving; they cause some pain, but it’s not overwhelming or anything, I have more trouble with the restless leg issues when they give me phenergan and rituximab. The neupogen may be worse though because they’ll be giving it to me for a number of consecutive days. I can take it though; it can’t be worse than the sneaky fractures.

It just occurs to me that I’m in the home stretch. I’m excited about the stem-cell mobilization. It sounds so futuristic. I could be cloned! Not really I guess, it’s illegal everywhere, but the cells to do it will exist in a freezer somewhere. It would be pretty cool to have a clone; like a super special twin I guess. Who knows though, I’ve never had a twin or a clone. I wonder who audits the frozen stem-cells to make sure they don’t confuse me with someone else? I’ll have to ask them.