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Energy Lift

Today I decided to do some exercise I was hoping for an energy lift. I think it worked. I did a really light pilates workout… really light only 15 minutes, all floor work, no bridges, and it was still fun, but I was absolutely tuckered out by it. I definitely got a massive rise in body temperature for my trouble. I needed a shower to cool off. This is all part of my plan to ease my body back into something that resembles movement. It was actually very exciting. A few hours afterward though I was so hungry I thought my stomach was eating itself, and I had a salad after I worked out.

I’m still a feeling a lot of nausea and I have a bit of a sore throat again this round. I think it must just be the mucositis. My throat feels raw because it is. I don’t know about the nausea, I guess it could be the same. Up until my workout my appetite had really been right down as well. I’ve only wanted soup and salad and fruit, in spite of the trouble fruit causes. My heavens I love fresh oranges, grapes, apples, berries and bananas I’m hoping after chemo my tummy will enjoy them as much as the rest of me.

We had a bit of rain here in Brisbane, and now they’re talking again about easing water restrictions. I don’t really get it; our dams aren’t full enough to really allow an ease in restrictions to last for any length of time, it’s just a waste of signage efforts in my opinion, but council politicians need any excuse to talk themselves up, so this is it. We honestly have no trouble living within the current water limits, and we’ll continue to save as we have. Our garden is absolutely lush and we never water it. Admittedly during the most harsh days of the drought things looked a little yellow, but things should be allowed to go dormant when there’s a drought, and everything was still lovely.

We’re really proud of how drought tollerant our garden is actually, and we still installed a rain water tank so we could take advantage of the rainfall when we need it. Currently though the rains have been plentiful enough this year that even the little plants we put in earlier in the year haven’t needed much in the way of watering. My potted herbs are another story, but still we never need to take advantage of the municipal water, the rain water tank supplies all we need for them. Gosh fresh herbs are delicious. Tomorrow I’m planning to flame roast some red peppers and stuff them with some fresh herbs, baby roma tomatoes and feta cheese… yum! On that note I’m off to dreamland.