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Me & Kitty Still Hanging In There

I’ve been feeling a lot more energetic lately. So far I’ve lost 29 pounds and last week I was even able to complete an entire tae bo workout without stopping or skimping or anything twice in one week, after working a whole day even. I was horribly sore for days afterward, but I did it. I’m probably lucky I’ve lost anything this month, but my weight loss has been going really, exceptionally well. That’s in spite of there being about a morning tea (work party for my American friends) nearly every week of the month for which I’ve made chocolate gelato, coffee almond crunch cake, cheese cake, ice cream cake, and pumpkin pie, thank God the people I work with eat it all up :). It’s actually nice to be able to enjoy a good home made dessert, without having a bunch of it sitting around to tempt you into having too much. Plus I REALLY enjoy making desserts so it’s been quite fun. The crunch cake was based on a Gordon Ramsay recipe & it was really delicious, so was the cheese cake. Really, so far I’ve been very pleased with the quality of the recipes in his books. I’ve made quite a few things from “Healthy Appetite” and “Cooking for Friends” and I’ll have to write a review of them because they’ve been quite satisfying; easy to prepare, and yet quite flavorsome. Continue reading Me & Kitty Still Hanging In There

Sunshine Returns

When I say sunshine, I mean my normal sunny demeanor. Gone are the ultra-grouchy cranky pants I was so unfortunate to have awoken to yesterday. Yippee! I hate being grouchy. Rat bred anti-bodies (aka rituximab) apparently agree with me, or maybe it was the nearly 18 hours of sleep I got yesterday. I don’t know, and I don’t care; I feel great today.

I woke up on the total right side of the bed this morning, then as on omen of what a great day it was going to be, I made a perfect three egg omelette for breakfast, and I mean perfect. The texture was beautiful and soft, the fold was dead on and it tasted great. I was so excited about it because I’ve been working on perfecting my three egg omelette for awhile now, about three months in total, not that I have practiced it often, I’ve only made four in the whole three months because I have to be in the mood for eggs to make them, and I usually prefer scrambled. I was working during the same period on pefecting my scrambling technique as well.

It all started when I bought a book called Eggs by Michel Roux, a Michelin three star chef I admire; before that I thought I knew how to cook scrambled eggs and omelettes fairly well, but after reading the book I realized there was more to learn. The scrambled eggs came along fairly quickly, and I’ve experimented with techniques from other chefs who are known for their eggs, but I really find the texture I get with Michel Roux’s technique is the best, and for me, where eggs are concerned texture is really important. So now, I’m onto the perfection of my egg poaching technique. I currently suck at that. The first egg I drop into the water is always good, it’s the second that smites me everytime, either sticking to the other egg or worse the bottom of the pan. I’m sure I’ll work it out with enough practice though.

I also bought some chicken wings the other day and today I started a really lovely chicken stock that I’m looking forward to turning into something tomorrow, maybe a soup or maybe I’ll use it in a risotto; who knows. I’m using a recipe from another chef I admire, Shannon Bennett, from his book, My Vue: Modern French Cookery. He’s the owner and head chef at a restaurant in Melbourne called Vue de monde; he’s of the kind of newer breed of chef who offers a dining experience instead of a menu to choose from per se. I’ve read a lot about him, and his recipes are great; one day I hope to have an opportunity to dine in his restaurant. Anyway he prefers using chicken wings to using a whole chicken for his stock, and since I’ve always only used a whole chicken; I’m very interested in trying out my new stock. I did have to quarter his recipe though. He recommends making a massive amount and storing it, but I don’t have that much storage.

I wish I could be this productive and have this much fun everyday. Even work was awesome; I had to make up a bunch of queries for a group looking to get some reports against their database, and all the queries were right on first run. I should’ve played the lotto today.