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New Year New Adventures

I’ve been away from writing for awhile. To be honest I had come to associate my blog with my cancer treatment, and it had become difficult to write once I was better.  Also, as part of my post treatment recovery, I really needed to work hard physically to regain mobility and lose weight, and that left me feeling pretty wiped out most days. It’s all been worth it though. I’m now regularly commuting to work via bicycle, and I participate in hour long boot camp work outs twice a week, which I love. When I started boot camp I could barely do 2 pushups, now I can do thirty in a minute, and my fitness just keeps improving.  I no longer have even a slight limp, and I feel really good again, but I kept thinking about coming back to my blog as I really did enjoy writing, so with the New Year dawning, I’ve decided to dedicate more time to writing again this year.

I still cook a lot, and I’m a serious DIY’er, but I think a lot of my blogging will be about my explorations of Brisbane via my new main mode of transport, my 2011 Trek FX that I purchased second hand; officially, my best buy of 2013.

Five Years On – Cycling to Raise Money for Childrens Cancer Research

It’s been awhile now since I’ve posted, but I’ve been very busy getting back some measure of fitness and putting myself together again after losing  my kitty.  I wanted to celebrate hitting the five year mark on my remission, and decided to do it by participating in the Great Cycle Challenge, sponsored by the Children’s Medical Research Institute.  Essentially it’s a participatory challenge where you commit to a certain distance that you’re willing to ride during the month of October, and you have the entire month to complete that number of kilometers.

I wasn’t sure how well I’d do riding since one of my sitz bones had suffered multiple fractures due to my tumor, so  I initially only committed to 100 km, but as is usually the case, my body never fails to amaze me, and after one week I went ahead and doubled the number of kilometers I would do. I’m now 25 km from reaching my goal, and I’m so pleased.  Anyone interested in sponsoring my ride can use the link below:

Plea for Help Response

I just wanted to let people know that my friend Shway, who posted a plea for help here awhile back has managed to find work and is very close to acquiring insurance, hopefully her cancer will not be considered a pre-existing condition. She recently had to move house, and now has some difficulty accessing the internet, but wanted me to thank those who offered a donation or any other form of support, so thank you everyone.

Bailout / Socialism for the Uber Rich

The public, faced with what they see, rightly or wrongly, as a giveaway “bailout” to big corporations that made profoundly stupid decisions, is irate. So what do you suppose would be the single worst thing you could do, at this point? I mean, the very, very worst — something that screamed “we’re going to fleece you all for every penny, and if you object we’ll drive the economy into the ground around you”? Continue reading Bailout / Socialism for the Uber Rich

Sarah Palin Superwoman?

Since Sarah Palin’s nomination was announced I’ve had SERIOUS doubts as to whether she actually gave birth to her son Trig, or if instead, he is actually her daughter Bristol’s child. Below is some information I was able to gather.

Sarah Palin announced her pregnancy on March 6th, claiming she was 7-months pregnant. Her aides and co-workers were shocked as she certainly didn’t appear pregnant. On April 18th, newspaper reports said Trig Palin was born a month premature yet weighed over 6 pounds. Coincidentally, it was during this time that Palin’s daughter Bristol, 17, was taken out of high school for 5-8 months citing mononucleosis. Continue reading Sarah Palin Superwoman?

Dietitian News

Saturday morning I went to see the dietitian my doctor recommended. It was really nice meeting with her. We talked about my goals and limitations, and in the end we’ve come up with a plan that seems really good so far. We kind of went over what I normally eat throughout the day for about a week, and she kind of analyzed that. She hasn’t so much changed what I eat as changed when I’m eating certain things. Continue reading Dietitian News

Sometimes a Break is Good for a Break

I took a day off my walking yesterday, and I think it’s done the fracture in the rear of my pelvis a lot of good. It had been feeling a bit achy for the last few days. I’d tried changing the path I walk to reduce the hilliness in hopes of giving my pelvis a kind of working break, but it was still feeling a bit stiff and sore, so I held off on any walking yesterday, and when I got up this morning I was feeling much better, and was able to walk double the distance I’d been walking without any pain in my pelvis. Yippee for that! Continue reading Sometimes a Break is Good for a Break