My name is Jacqueline. I’m an American software and web application developer who has chosen to live in Brisbane, Australia. I have a happy little house just outside the city where I live with my husband, Bernie, and our cat, K.

I first started blogging in March when I was diagnosed with primary bone non-hodgkins lymphoma, a fairly rare form of cancer. My blog dealt primarily with my experiences with chemotherapy and was called “The Tumor that Ate My Pelvis”, and initially I started writing because I was only able to find a few blog sites that dealt with what it was like to go through chemo-therapy, and I decided writing about what I was going through might help someone else.

What I found was that it helped me keep in touch and in some cases get in touch again with family and friends around the world. I also found I really enjoyed sharing with people, but now, my chemo has worked, and I’ll only be going through maybe one or two more rounds, and honestly I don’t feel like writing about having cancer anymore because I don’t have cancer anymore.

So, Irrepressible Tangent was born, but what does it mean? Well let’s just say I’ve always been a bit of a tangential thinker; my mind draws relationships between topics that frequently seem unrelated to most other people, and I can never repress a tangent. A blog seemed a fit place for that kind of thought exploration, and I thought why not throw a site together where other people could share as well. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do I hope you might think about contributing your own tangents.


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